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9918 2014-04-17 11:10:32 Bill Kelsey - N8E... Kanga at FDIM
Kanga will be at FDIM, but I will not have a booth at Dayton.

I will have my selection of books at FDIM, but will not have kits there,
unless they are pre-ordered (payment at FDIM).

I will also take pre-orders for any ARRL book until May 1. For any books
that are pre-ordered, I will pay the tax and take 10% off the retail
price. Payment will be collected at FDIM, so get your order in via
e-mail (kanga@woh.rr.com). Don't buy your books at the hamvention and
lug them around - get them at FDIM and take them right back to your room!

My stock of kit right now is limited, so check with me via e-mail and
I'll bring them to FDIM.


73 - Bill - N8ET