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9905 2014-04-10 05:16:07 Jim Stafford CLUB NIGHT and HOMEBREW competition at FDIM 2014
First, what is FDIM?  See  http://www.qrparci.org/fdim 

Have you registered for the THU and SAT FDIM events?
You may register via PayPal or credit card.  The Thursday seminar day is
$40 and the Saturday banquet is $35.  Those who order their tickets via
the internet for the seminar will be eligible advanced reservation prizes.

There is even the annual BUILD-A-THON which takes a different
slant this year:  http://qrpme.com/?p=product&id=FB3

And now, it's time for QRP clubs around the world to sign up for this
year's CLUB NIGHT at FDIM 2014

As in 2013, Friday Night is designated CLUB NIGHT which includes:
Club Tables, the Homebrew Competition and SHOW & TELL.  Friday
night is FREE!  There is no vendor selling on Friday night (that's Thursday
night) but clubs from all over the world are encouraged to reserve a
table and promote their club, perhaps even having some munchies to
hand out to attendees.  They also are encouraged to put on a display
of "non-judged" SHOW and TELL items on their table for others to peruse.
Clubs may also sell items on their table that they "produce" which are the direct
products of their club.  For example, the NoGA QRP club will have a supply
of their wooden KX3 stands for sale.  See the FDIM page (web link above)
for more info.

Here is the list of clubs that participated in 2013:
  • 4 States QRP
  • NoGA QRP
  • GQRP
  • RU QRP (Russia)
  • Kickapoo QRP
  • Eastern Central Indiana QRP
  • Flying Pigs QRP
  • CRES-ARC QRP (Columbus)
  • Space Coast QRP
  • Knightlights QRP
  • North AL QRP
  • Pacific Northwest QRP

But we can take many more.    Get your group together and reserve your table at
Just send an email to me w4qo@qrparci.org and get on the list.

HOMEBREW COMPETITON/ SHOW and TELL - Club night also features
the HOMEBREW COMPETITION.  The categories are shown at :


In addition, this year we are featuring a SPECIAL CATEGORY: CRYSTAL SETS.
This can be a set you built just for this competition, one you built when you
were a kid - it just has to be something you built personally!  So bring out
those old crystal sets (or new ones) and enter them in this SPECIAL CATEGORY.

As to SHOW/TELL, we encourage every FDIM attendee to bring something to
show at Club Night. You do not have to be part of a club table to show an item.   
These are items that are not judged as part of any competition.  This can
be just about anything related to QRP - something you built, something you
bought that might be of interest to others, your "go kit" or even a display of your shack,
antennas, a SOTA that you operated from, gadgets, achievement awards gained
from an indoor antenna, etc etc.  You can see this is really wide open.  It's to
make CLUB NIGHT something every ham at Dayton would want to attend.

So join us again at FDIM CLUB NIGHT on May 16 from 8 to 10 PM.
                            Did I mention ... it's FREE!