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9904 2014-04-06 14:45:44 David Nushardt DDS Signal Generator Direct Digital Synthsis
Hi Everyone: A while back I purchased a DDS Board/ dds VFO on ebay from New Zealand
I'm new to DDS thought I'd give it a try with my new Aoyue 968A+ work nicely , good quality
for the money, back to the board there are 2 smd mmic's used to get 800mv output
the dds has digital readout on a 16X 2 line back lit LCD.

Wonder if anyone has built on of these boards yet?
Mine is almost done hope to finish it next week.
while looking for parts I ran across SV1AFN's Ad. He sells Some hard to find 3N211 fets and quite a few other parts as well as some interesting boards I bought a low noise J310 based amplifier board the kit is 20.00 I think , He has a very interesting digital step attenuator that reads out in dbm, that looks like a natural fit to the DDS, amp and step attenuator. and you have a very low coast small PLL based signal generator with general coverage!
Just goggle SV1AFN and it will take you to his site.

To put all this together may take someone who is versed in PIC programming since the board is set up as a vfo that could bring digital readout to a QRP project, I'll be in the hospital tomorrow  part of the day for a routine procedure, but I'll be coping the mail as much as possible if anyone has questions or ideas.