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9751 2014-02-15 07:20:15 Jim Miller Class E 475Khz 100w amp [was IRF510 Successor? ]
First indication from Tonne Class E design software is that IRF510 has insufficient peak current capability and too high Rds for 100W at 13.8v supply. BTW, IRF510 still in production at Vishay and perhaps others.

IRF suggested replacement of IRF540 can handle the current, voltage and has Rds and switching parameters that look good. It has nearly 10x the input capacitance but that should not be a problem with a suitable driver especially at 475Khz.

Next steps are to do some more reading on Class E design and load the Tonne produced spice export into LTSpice.

Suggestions welcomed.


Jim ab3cv
9752 2014-02-15 09:55:53 Jim Miller Re: Class E 475Khz 100w amp [was IRF510 Successor? ]
In the matter of drivers for the IRF540 I've found the Ixys IXD_614 at Digikey for ~$5 each in stock. This looks like a good way to go for my purposes.

jim ab3cv