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9561 2013-12-16 12:18:58 Jack Generaux Ladpac
I am trying to look at the crystal cilter for the Measurement Receiver on page 7.33 of EMRFD.  I am attaching my Ladder_Builder file.  I have just started using the Ladpac and seem to be having some difficulties getting the units in right for GPLA to work.  I am putting in crystal values in MHz in LadBuild in both the Global Parameters and in the individual N component but GPLA comes up in Hz.  I messed with Hz input but that didn't seem to help; nor trying to change the units in GPLA.  I am sure its a stupid mistake on my part but I thought I would ask instead on beating my head.  Any guidance on where I should look to get a plot?  Thanks es 73.

Jack (W0FNQ)

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