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891 2007-07-06 21:27:37 brainerd@wildblue... Re: [dds_controller] BPF Board
I have posted a link on the BPF section of my website to a public DigiKey Parts list to make
ordering the parts easier. If you are ordering parts for 1 board, 2 clicks is all that's required to
order the parts. Note that the default quantities on the smd caps and resistors take into
account the min. order quantity of 10. If ordering parts for 2 boards, the only cap that needs
a qty increase is the .1 uF(from 20 to 30).
I have also indicated which coils have a CoilCraft alternate.
I considered making the default values the # actually needed, but then when you tried to
add the parts to your order, you would have to increase each one to the min. quantity

Dave - WB6DHW