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8569 2013-04-20 20:56:02 Henry Equipment for sale
I have the following equipment for sale with the prices I'm asking. All are
excellent to like new. All are plus postage from zip 55082. Payment in US$ in
advance by check or money order. When replying include your name and address
so I can get postage.

Palomar M840 Power/SWR meter $125
SWR/Power meter measures 0 - 2KW in 3 ranges: 0-20 0-200 0-2000. Uses LED's
to display pwr and SWR simultaneously. Remote sensing unit allows convenient
placement of meter. Requires 12V DC.

(2) Daiwa Model CS-201 SPDT
antenna switches 0-600MHz 2.5Kw 50 ohms $15 each

Larson LM-MM magmount with LM-150 2M 5/8 whip new $65 asking $50

Vectronics LP-30 low pass filter new $90
1500W max, .25dB insertion loss asking $60
SO-239 connecters, 30 MHz cut off

Henry WA0GOZ