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8562 2013-04-18 10:16:20 Bob A Simple Sweep Generator
Hi All -

After reading several discussions over time on this and other Groups it seemed that many home brewers could benefit from having a simple way to better measure filter performance. Many HB projects include band pass and low pass filters that are built "on faith" in the component values either listed or derived with no easy way to verify or adjust the resulting performance. While `most any filter can be evaluated with point to point measurements this is a very tedious approach. A easier, better way is to use sweep techniques especially during any filter tuning that may be needed. The Files folder K3NHI-K5IRK-SSG describes some HB equipment and technique to do this.

Bob, K3NHI, and John, K5IRK
8564 2013-04-19 07:43:16 Dale Hammer Re: A Simple Sweep Generator

Great article. I am having difficulty however, finding the identification
of IC2 op amp on the Ramp Generator schematic. Is it a LM324?



Dale K9NN

8565 2013-04-19 09:35:20 Bob Re: A Simple Sweep Generator
Hi Dale -

Thank You for the kind comment RE the article.

Yup - you are right about IC2 - it is a 324. Very sorry this got missed and Thank You for pointing it out. I'll "hang tight" for a while in case there are other such "finds" and then fix 'em all.

Bob, K3NHI