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838 2007-06-07 19:54:29 wbdmxbaileybobbut... 20 db tap
I am about to build the 20 db tap and I have the 820 ohm carbon
resistors, the pictures I have of the device looks like it uses the
carbon film resistors with the flamproof coating (blue)
looking at the way these resistors are made, spiral film design
wouldn't they be somewatt inductive ?

which type of resistor would be best to use in this project or does it
not matter ?
840 2007-06-08 00:52:19 Leon Re: 20 db tap
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845 2007-06-08 13:30:34 Wes Hayward Re: 20 db tap
Hi Bob, et al,

Bob Larkin, W7PUA, generated a sidebar for EMRFD that deals with the
question of resistors and their performance at radio frequency.
This is on page 7.10 of EMRFD. The carbon film resistors presented
no problems over the DC to 500 MHz spectrum. Bob has built versions
of the 40 dB Tap that functi