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8226 2013-02-04 07:03:55 Bob New Double Tuned Filter Measurements
DTC_L_Dress, or "TMITK"

I have added some new data to the K3NHI-DTC folder in the Files section in the sub-folder DTC_L_Dress.. This new data includes two assembly photos and a data photo. This exercise uses the same double tuned 14.2 MHz filter breadboard as earlier but now more clearly highlights the effects of toroidal inductor dress in this filter breadboard assembly.

I think this latest inclusion more clearly highlights the need for functional measurement of such circuitry – just using calculated / measured component values does not necessarily suffice. So – while careful parts selection is where to start, it seems "tweaking" final circuit FUNCTION is how to finish! To Measure Is To Know!

Bob, K3NHI