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799 2007-05-25 08:23:05 Giancarlo NOT EMRFD - AD9912 SFDR measurements
Hi all,

following my message inserted on may 24th : NOT EMRFD Better to use
AD9912 and not AD9910, I have received several enquiries about any
test done on the AD9912.

Yes, my good friend Giuliano, I0CG, (of AD9951 DDS fame) is perfoming
measuemnts and comparisons with his already well known and
appreciated DDS using AD9951 and 500MHz clock.

I have uploaded a documente in files with title:
AD9912 wide-band-SFDR.pdf
The document reports some Spectrum analyzer measurements on the
AD9912 and also one comparison with AD9951.
When I0CG will release further reports I will upload them.