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7691 2012-08-27 10:59:36 Reginald Beardsle... Elonics E4000 docs
This link was posted to the rtlsdr group. There don't appear to be any confidentiality restrictions on the datasheet or the other documents, so I think it's ok to repost it here. Many of the documents are readily available on the Elonics website.

I particularly urge reading the datasheet.

The E4000 is quite an amazing device. Briefly, it's a complete direct conversion receiver in a 32 pin package w/ programmable control via I2C of RF & IF gain, filtering and center frequency covering 64 - 1700 MHz w/ I/Q outputs.

The cheap USB DVB-TV dongles seem to be generally copies of an Elonics reference design.


Have Fun!
7694 2012-08-27 15:43:09 RW Mail List Re: Elonics E4000 docs
Thanks Reg,

The lick is not completer and won’t work if you click on it. But works if you cut and past it into your Web Browser.