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7334 2012-03-12 20:31:03 ka7exm Hybrid Cascode Amplifier Kitlets, EOL

I have only 20 more Hybrid Cascode IF Amplifiers (HYCAS) available (from the W7ZOI & WA7MLH QST article of the same name). Once they are gone, I won't be kitting up any more.

I'll still have PC boards available for quite some time.

This has been a fun run for me, to see the continued interest in the article. It has been great to interact with so many of you and hear of how hams on at-least four continents have been able to incorporate these into their receiver designs. Between my family at home and the microwave lab at work, I've run out of time to devote to supplying components to the ham community.

Please email me offline if you need details. ka7exm@yahoo.com . www.ka7exm.net

Thanks & my apologies for the shameless plug.

Roger KA7EXM
7339 2012-03-16 19:42:41 Tom Re: Hybrid Cascode Amplifier Kitlets, EOL
7340 2012-03-17 03:38:57 Barry N1EU Re: Hybrid Cascode Amplifier Kitlets, EOL
If anyone has installed, or is planning to install, the HYCAS in a Ten-Tec
9Mhz i.f., please drop me an email.

Thanks & 73,
Barry N1EU