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7219 2012-01-30 16:52:34 Justin Pinnix 17.034mhz crystals
Hi folks,

A friend of mine is looking for the 17.034mhz xtal used in the S7C
receiver. He's tried the usual places (mouser, digikey, n4ess) and has not
been able to find one. Does anyone have a source?

He understands that different IF and VFO freqs can be used, he'd just like
to start with Wes' design before changing things.

73 de AJ4MJ

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7220 2012-01-30 18:39:09 Alex P Re: 17.034mhz crystals
You can always have the crystal custom cut. I've used International Crystal Manufacturing since the 1970's for custom filters, osc, HT's and mobile radio's. Also ordered xtals for my Drake and Collins gear. The address is : http://www.icmfg.com/.