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7124 2011-12-29 18:23:56 dnorbury PCB board softwares, services
I've built a number of homebrew QRP and general electronic projects using point-to-point wiring. I'd like to 'graduate' to a neater, more compact approach using PCBs. I'm not really interested in making my own boards so I'm curious about the group's experience with various schematic capture and layout software programs and PCB fabrication services. I'd appreciate any comments.

72, Dave, KD6A
7125 2011-12-29 20:28:58 Bernard Debbasch Re: PCB board softwares, services
I am afraid that your question is like asking what religion is better!

In any case here is my current setup:

Eagle for capture and PCB design

PCB fabrication: AP Circuits (http://www.apcircuits.com) for cheap and fast
2-layer boards. The cheap boards have no silkscreen.

PCB fabrication: Batch PCB for full service PCB (http://batchpcb.com
) Works well for small quantity but substantially
slower than AP Circuits (panelized batch are sent to China and dispatched
back to individuals from the US)

If you use Eagle, I recommend that you use the libraries provided by Bob
Starr (http://www.bobstarr.net/downloads.asp) instead of the libraries
provided by Cadsoft. Bob's libraries are substantially better.

I have used (and still use) other S/W and services but those are the ones
that work well for my hobby work.

Good luck.