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7028 2011-12-15 18:54:38 vlfun2 XF-9S42, 43, 44 crystal filters
anybody have a spec sheet/data available for any of these crystal filters or know a source for same? Quarzfilter: XF-9S42, 43 and 44. I'm still building my first receiver and the going is slow. like to make some use of these with the Hycas 9MHz IF amp if they are suitable. any info appreciated. many thanks.

7052 2011-12-19 17:46:30 vlfun2 Re: XF-9S42, 43, 44 crystal filters
maybe not much interest in the KVG filters here but just in case I wanted to let you all know I was able to retrieve data sheets on the 42 and 44 filters from KVG in Germany. still trying to convince them they actually made the 43 filter. they say it doesn't exist but I have two originals with their label