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6929 2011-11-28 08:48:47 Markus Hansen Re: Smooth audio T/R switching and Hybrid Cascade IF and S meter cct
I built a TR circuit for my homebrew transceiver which was subsequently published in QEX which is very smooth and thump free. Here is a direct link to the article on my web page at:


I found I no longer need to use a reed relay to disable to the VFO input to the mixer on transmit since I replaced my old IF with W7ZOI Hybrid Cascade IF design.

My new IF and Audio circuits are also on my web page now at:


I added an additional stage to the IF circuit as I wanted more IF gain and control of the AGC range.

Also the S meter circuit is vey simple.

Hope this is of some help.

73 Markus

Markus Hansen VE7CA
North Vancouver, BC CANADA
WEB: ve7ca.net

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