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683 2007-05-01 15:45:12 Giancarlo Making a SoftRock V6 and similar Multiband HF SDR RX
Hi all,

a couple of weeks ago I published the document in subject on the
SoftRock40 newsgroup. I believe there are some members of this group
that may have some interest on it but are not visitors of the SR40

This specific document is reporting my idea of Digital Quadrature
Generator with manual phase adjustment using a Local Oscillator with a
frequency equal to Twice the Fundamental frequency required. This
solution covers 1 to 30MHz and requires a VFO or DDS operating
between 2MHz to 60MHz. The ideal solution for a DDS-60.
Certainly we have to compromise. All instruction to mods and
adjustments are reported in the document loaded in Files.
You have also circuit diagram and screen shots using Winrad as taken
on different HF bands.
The 14MHz screen shots have the manual and the additional Winrad
software adjustment.

In File I have uploaded: I7SWX_DQG_2xFo_HF improvexSoftRock.pdf

After I published my note "Extending SoftRock40, other QSD and Tayloe
Detector to HF Multiband Coverage" I worked on another simple project,
due to the following question.

"How a Multiband SDR user can manage the manual image rejection?"

I have uploaded in files a note on this project: I7SWX SDR Marker.

I hope you will find this interesting too. I am sure better solutions
are possible ... in the meantime keep this one ... hi

Enjoy the reading and experimenting with them.