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6745 2011-10-16 08:27:44 Donald Kelly Re: 10M VFO ideas (my simple ones)
I built this heterodyne VFO for a 30.4MHz LO for a 15M transceiver.
This would not be quite the correct frequency range but the concept of a
heterodyne oscillator is right out EMRFD.


I tried a similar idea for an oscillator for a 10M DSB transceiver. We have
a local 10M sideband net @ 28.4MHz. The crystals are junk box crystals @
10MHz and approx. 18.4MHz.
I am also going to use KK7B's direct conversion receiver ideas.

This is a heterodyne oscillator project I tried. It worked but I never have
used it in an actual rig.

A lot of the fun of home brewing is building analog oscillators.