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6370 2011-06-05 15:09:03 Thomas S. Knutsen High intercept MMIC
Hello all.
I'm modifying my verson of the K7TAU/W7ZOI spectrum analyzer to work
up to 1.8GHz.
Most of the blocks are working at this point, and I have started to
design the first mixer.
In order to compensate for mixer loss and such, I need an MMIC with
high intercept, I would suspect an IP3 close to +30dBm would work.
The first IF is at 2072MHz (just like my TEK492) and I would need
close to 16dB gain in order to compensate for mixer and filter loss.
In order to complicate it a bit more, I'm in Norway and the component
suppliers here don't do RF. So it would have to be avaible from E-bay,
Digikey or Mouser.

What is currently avaible in high intercept MMIC's?
I had an look around but those suppliers I use only had low frequency
versons or low intercept.

73 de Thomas LA3PNA.

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6371 2011-06-05 15:26:05 Russ Hines Re: High intercept MMIC
How about MiniCircuits? The GALI-51 looks likely.