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6203 2011-04-26 06:15:27 Sam Morgan a plead about subject labeling
/soapbox on

let me make a plead here folks
I'm loving all these files
and the discussions they cause are great
it's all very educational

except for when the resulting discussions
take off under the same subject line
re: [emrfd] New file uploaded to emrfd

ya'll are so danged smart
how about starting a new thread
when you start to cuss and discuss whatever uploaded file

something simple like using the description line could work

A High Isolation Amplifier Produced By JPL

please please please
it's just such a real drag to try to drill down through
message search with the 102 different messages returned from:
"New file uploaded to emrfd"

/soapbox off

many thanks in advanced

GB & 73
Sam Morgan