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5616 2010-12-30 18:56:52 Wes More Polyvaricon cap stuff.
Hi again all,

I did not mean to imply that these little caps were worthless. They obviously served a very real function at one time. They were good enough for simple BC band receivers. Those were great things in their day. I had hopes that the parts I had on hand would be better than they were. But alas, they were not up to the expectations I had.

Yes, I have measured many other capacitors including some broadcast air variables and quite a few trimmers. The one that I quoted today with the Qc of 3100 was a dual 400 pF with a built in 2:1 reduction mechanism. It is among the highest Q variables I have measured. The data on many different capacitors in the web location that I mentioned in my posting. That note also includes information about the measurement scheme, which is not trivial for capacitors. I'll not bother to repeat it here, for it is on the web. The url is

Many thanks for the info on the source of the term, Kerry. Thanks all for the other comments.

73, Wes