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5520 2010-12-09 15:40:18 Kerry New Screen Layout
I have noticed that, in the past few months, the layout of my screen has changed a couple of times for this and other Yahoo groups.

After a few days the layout has reverted to the "old" layout.

The difference is that, in the "new" layout, each message has only about 6 - 8 words in each line; this makes them very difficult to read.

I think that the "old" layout had about 12 - 15 words per line; even that was awkward to read.

Is anyone else seeing this?

Is it the result of changes by Yahoo?

I am using Firefox (latest version) and XP Home.

5523 2010-12-13 00:22:01 Kerry Re: New Screen Layout
Well, the "old" screen has just returned!

I would think that I have been dreaming but I took screen-shots of the "bad" screen so I know that I am (and was) awake.

Does anyone else have this problem?
5685 2011-01-06 14:34:30 Kerry Re: New Screen Layout
At some moment in the last half-hour my screen has reverted to the "new" almost-unreadable layout; does anyone else have this problem?
5686 2011-01-06 14:49:32 k9jri@att.net Re: New Screen Layout
It looks very good here
5688 2011-01-06 15:58:11 Kerry Re: New Screen Layout
I'm using XP & Firefox.

This is what it looks like at present (note that I have my own colour scheme :) )

Main page (scrolled-down a little) ;


Opened message (also scrolled-down);


It's only Yahoo pages (I am in EMRFD, DG8SAQ VNWA & N2PK VNA) that do it; it happens without any intervention from me.
5696 2011-01-08 12:57:12 Kerry Re: New Screen Layout
Well, the "old" but readable layout has returned!

All by itself in the middle of a session; the computer had not been turned off and later turned on.

I have e-mailed Yahoo.

I gather from the paucity of replies to this thread that no-one else has had this problem.
5697 2011-01-08 20:47:08 Andy Re: New Screen Layout
A while ago I had similar confusing/unreadable screens happening
randomly, when the computer's system disk was just about out of free

Clear some files, re-load the page, and it looked normal again.

5698 2011-01-08 23:36:37 Kerry Re: New Screen Layout
Thanks for the reply Andy.

There is lots of spare disc space; I don't think that that's the problem.

I have e-mailed Yahoo.

Thanks again for the reply; I do appreciate any help!

Regards, Kerry.
5699 2011-01-09 13:23:53 Andy Re: New Screen Layout
My take on it is that it was probably a failure of your web browser to
properly display the page from the data it was getting over the
Internet; which might have been caused by insufficient disk space, in
my case, or something else in yours.

Don't expect to hear much back from Yahoo.

5701 2011-01-09 13:50:16 Kerry Re: New Screen Layout
Thanks Andy; something to think-about.

It's odd that it only did/does it in the three Yahoo groups (EMRFD, DG8SAQ VNWA & N2PK VNA) of which I'm a member; all other forums, webpages etc work as usual.

It's back to normal at present.

I suspect that it's at the Yahoo end but we will see what, if anything, their Help people say.

Regards, Kerry VK2TIL.