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5392 2010-10-28 16:47:38 klopfensteinrex Spectrum Analyser (SA) IF Freq Change
I have built the SA several years ago. I have changed the IF/LOG amplifier to the AD8307AN design.

I have built a 30KHz crystal resolution filter which is 10.7MHz. I have retuned the output filter on the IF amplifier to 10.7MHz. I also changed several capacitors and retuned the 300KHz Resolution filters.

Any other changes need to be made?

I seem to remember that IF frequency of the Tracking Signal Generator has too be changed?

Rex Klopfenstein
Bowling Green, OH
5393 2010-10-28 18:39:15 w7zoi Re: Spectrum Analyser (SA) IF Freq Change
Hi Rex and gang,

You have done almost everything that is needed for the spectrum analyzer. The original 100 MHz second local oscillator should still work. You may, however, need to retune the 110 MHz filter to
110.7 MHz.

If you plan on building a tracking generator, you should put the oscillator at the new SA first IF of 110.7 MHz. I would recommend the Simple Tracking Generator (STG) that Bob Kopski and John Lawson
built. See the Files secti
5397 2010-10-29 17:29:09 Rex Klopfenstein Re: Spectrum Analyser (SA) IF Freq Change
Thanks for info. Something to do this weekend. I have built the Tracking
Generator described in Nov 99 and tested. In reading the original article, I
have to retune the oscillator to 110.7MHz.
Rex Klopfenstein