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5202 2010-09-19 06:04:20 jmcmakin50 New to Forum
Good Morning All,

I have just joined the group and wanted to introduce myself.

I was first licensed in 1977 as WD4BXU as novice the quickly general class. Later I upgraded to Advanced and then Extra class with call AB4AS. I liked working CW, making antennas and equipment. I made most of my test equipment (simple stuff), accessories and a lot of other projects for simple radios. I have not been active since the mid 90's but have kept my license current.

I worked in aviation most of my career in service and manufacturing and I'm a licensed A&P mechanic. Currently I work at an R&D company with my job being mostly business related and management activities. It is an inspiring place to work and has renewed my interest in electronics and radios.

I keep thinking about getting back into at least building and experimenting. I purchased EMRFD recently which has raised my interest. I look forward to seeing what this group is doing and learning something along the way.

Also I play guitar (Takamine 12 string)and build plastic 1/72 scale model airplanes with my focus being on Naval aviation. My grandson lives with us and I spend a lot of time with him. He is an outdoor/sports kid which is what we spend a lot of time on. I have been teaching him to build models but he has no interest in electronics.