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4810 2010-07-19 07:56:54 Nick Kennedy HYCAS in a receiver
I've been intermittently working on a receiver project that's somewhat
modular in that it uses stages from several published designs. It's a
superhet with an 8 MHz IF, ADE-1 mixer, HYCAS IF / AGC board and a modified
R1 board as the product detector and audio amplifier. Plus a couple
homebrew crystal filters, BFO, etc. And an AD9834 DDS for the L.O.

Anyway, I'm getting to the point of deciding what goes on the front and rear
panels of the enclosure. The HYCAS board includes a gain control as R32, a
5-k pot, and I'm wondering if that should be a front panel control. I know
that can depend on other factors. For instance, I don't plan any other "RF
gain" control but I do plan switchable preamp-flat-attenuator in the front
end. Another choice would be whether I plan to allow switching the AGC
"off", in which case it seems a front panel control would be a good idea for
manually controlling gain.

Any thoughts? Any others who have used this board in a receiver want to
share their choices?

73 / TU,

Nick, WA5BDU

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