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4707 2010-05-23 11:01:57 Ken Evans Late FDIM Awards and Hall of Fame Announcement
This is an e-mail that was intended to be posted last Sunday, May 16. The
FDIM volunteer that was to do it had a family emergency and has been out of
touch since May 15. I left Dayton on May 17 with a similar family medical
issue. Upon returning late Friday, I am unable to confirm that the Hall of
Fame Inductees or award recipients have been posted to the various lists.
(My mail boxes are full!). What follows is the announcement. If this is a
repeat of data, I apologize for it and also for the lateness in getting the
info out. Next year we will have a better plan!!

Three people were inducted into the QRP Hall of Fame at FDIM 2010.
They are -

Rex Harper, W1REX
Dave Ingram, K4TWJ (SK)
Jim Stafford, W4QO

Rex Harper, W1REX is well known to kit builders - he runs QRP.me and
is famous for the production of the Tuna Tin range of ham radio kits. He
is a well known elmer and champion of QRP

Dave Ingram K4TWJ was known to many hams through his QRP Column in
CQ Magazine. He had written for CQ from 1981 to 2010. Dave died in
January 2010.

Jim Stafford, W4QO. Jim has been associated with QRP ARCI for many
years serving as president, webmaster and FDIM chairman.

We had a number of entrees in the Homebrew Contest, the winners are:

Richard Meiss, WB9LPU. Richard won both Best of Show and the
Station Accessories Category for his Pico Bug Family of Paddles.

Preston Douglas, WJ2V. Preston won the Modified Kit Category for
his RxTx 6.3 with controller.

Harold Smith, KE6TI. Harold won the All Home Brew Category with his
30 Mtr XCVR.

The FDIM 2010 QRP Challenge had five entrees. The judging was difficult,
but the judges awarded one winner and four ties for "Honorable Mention".
The results are;

Harold Smith, KE6TI - Harold was the winner with his 80 Meter
Transceiver covering 90 kHz of the band

Dave Cripe, NM0S - Dave won Honorable Mention with his PTO full
coverage 40M transceiver

Jason Mildrum, ND7S -Jason won Honorable Mention with a VXO 40M

James Roberts, NC9H - James won Honorable Mention with compact 40M

Steve Weber, KD1JV - Steve won Honorable Mention with his pocket
sized 30M transceiver

There will be articles in the summer 2010 QQ on all the Hall of Fame and
contests awards.


Ken Evans, W4DU
President QRP ARCI