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460 2007-02-12 01:39:06 jr_dakota X Pad Pictures
I uploaded 3 pictures of how I make 'X pads' for mounting dual gate
SMT MOSFETS ... they aren't the best but they should give people an
idea of what we've been talking about

On this particular pad I made the X cuts with some special Japanese
fine kerf woodworking saw my brother gave me rather than a Dremel cut
off wheel but it works essentially the same

I'll take some better pictures when I have the time or if someone else
wants to do it I left the folder open so other members can upload to it

462 2007-02-12 07:48:20 Terry WAØITP Re: X Pad Pictures
Good Pix JR

I used an Exacto saw like model builders use. It cuts
copper easily too. Nearly all hobby shops and hardware
stores carry them.

The x pads are a great idea.

72 73

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