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446 2007-02-06 06:27:55 Terry WAØITP X-Pads
Great pad idea JR. Do you do something similar for the
little 3 legged SOT's too?

72 73

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454 2007-02-10 22:15:14 jr_dakota Re: X-Pads
No, I haven't tried anything for those, I came across this by accident
after trying to make a couple of SMT boards with a dremel cutoff wheel
and not having very good luck .... After the 2nd or 3rd ruined board
it just dawned on me to punch one out
458 2007-02-11 19:47:14 Ted Bruce KX4OM Re: X-Pads
In my experiments with the BF998 dual-gate MOSFETs, I used the 1/8"
punch from the Harbor Freight set, and mounted the MOSFETs upside
down, pushing them down in the hole, with their legs barely clearing
the top surface (fiberglass-epoxy PC board. I pre-tinned the X-pads,
and used solder wick to remove the flowed solder. Then it was fairly
easy to solder the legs to the pads, as they were held pretty snugly
by the fit in the hole. I did mount one top-side, over a 3/16" hole,
and I also made a 4-legged through-hole version per JR's earlier post.

I'm just starting to work with SMD devices, so I'll need to go back
and review some of the info I've collected on hold-down jigs, etc. On
these, I didn't pay much attention to ESD, other than doing the work
on a piece of anti-static bag, and using a Hakko 936ESD solder
station, as I was just trying out the mounting and soldering technique
with the X-Pads. I have about a hundred of these critters, thanks to
Bob, KE6F!

Many thanks to JR for the tip
459 2007-02-11 20:43:14 steve Re: X-Pads

I must have missed what this is all about somewhere along the way.  What is an X-Pad, some kind of modified part for Manhattan construction. Anyone got a pix of one of these things?


Steve NU0P