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4454 2010-03-14 14:02:19 Gian AOR AR7070 HF Receiver - Updated infos
Hi all,

Colin Horrabin, G3SBI, has just updated information on the AOR AR7070 receiver, that is expected to be put into production soon, probably as the SW development will be completed and fully tested.

The information can be read on Martein's, PA3AKE, web site, in the "Upconversion front end by G3SBI":


An inside picture of the receiver and very interesting information are reported.

The AR7070 has a bandscope that will show the 25kHz bandwidth around the tune frequency, showing a blip from a 0.1uV signal and has a dynamic range of 110dB. NF is around 11/12dB and the IP3, for signals within the roofing filter bandwidth is +21dBm and + 36dBm at 10kHz spacing. All these figures were obtained without adjusting the first mixer for optimum balance.

BTW… the first mixer is an H-Mode Mixer !!!

As G3SBI states, the AR7070 when in production will be in a class of its own for an up-conversion radio. It is probably the first super-linear up-conversion receiver.

Too bad AOR may not associate a transmitter to such a super receiver.

Enjoy the reading and 73

Gian, I7SWX