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4446 2010-03-12 11:12:46 Tim CD4007 = CA3600
Just had a realization while looking in the old RCA linear books. The CA3600 (RCA linear part name) seems to be exactly the same as the CD4007 (RCA digital part name).

I think the realization came to me in exactly the same sense that Homer Simpson, searching through the garbage dump with his kids and finding a box of Japanese detergent with his face on it, found out that HE IS MR SPARKLE.

I also found out that the Datong Clipper makes very clever use of the CD4007 for its soft clipping effects.

The CD4007/CA3600 may be of limited utility at HF but it's an excellent set of 6 complementary NMOS/PMOS transistors. There's a CD4007 in my newest project (hope to have pictures this weekend): a very low-power (target is a few mA) HF frequency counter/digital dial.