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3848 2009-12-09 10:37:37 Ken Evans FDIM 2010 Challenge
Each year at FDIM attendees have the opportunity to bring their latest
projects and enter them into the "Building Contest". There are six
categories that are judged by the people attending Friday night's event.
This year we will add a special category called the FDIM 2010 QRP Challenge.
The rules for the challenge are listed below and at
http://www.qrparci.org/fdim72. Normally we do not make FDIM announcements
until January, but we thought that the extra time gained by announcing this
in December would help the participants. So put on your thinking caps and
heat up the irons. Let's see what can be done with this challenge!

Ken Evans, W4DU
President - QRP ARCI

The FDIM 2010 QRP Challenge

This year we have added a special category to the Homebrew Contest. It is
called The FDIM 2010 QRP Challenge. The objective is as follows:

Design and build a QRP Transceiver using the following rules:
. The transceiver is limited to a maximum of 72 parts*.
. The receiver must be a superhet or other "single signal receiver".
. Keying and muting must be included.
. Covers at least one of the standard QRP Frequencies as listed at
. Capable of battery power for portable use.
. Schematic w/parts list and functional XCVR be brought (or sent) to
FDIM 2010.

* Only one part may be an IC, all other parts must be discrete components.
* Knobs, sockets, tuning dials, copper board, power source and enclosures
are not
considered parts.
3849 2009-12-11 08:43:26 Ashhar Farhan Re: FDIM 2010 Challenge

this is a very interesting challenge. i had some 'leading' questions:

1. does 7809/7805 qualify as the only IC permitted? Or is the allowed IC in
addition to voltage regulators (if any)?

2. are modules like MMICs or TUF mixers counted as one component?

3. when you say that the receiver must be 'single signal' receiver, what is
the amount of sideband suppression that is good enough to qualify? how about
10 db?

- farhan