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3469 2009-08-11 08:38:47 Giancarlo A new analog switch
Hi all,

A few months ago, NXP Semiconductors (ex Philips) has released a new analog switch derived from the FSA3157, the type NX3L1G3157. This is a switch with Ron = 0.5 ohm at max 4.3V and a Ci = 1pF. This analog switch maybe used for lowpass/bandpass switching and signals in the HF and audio at Z=50 ohm. It is not a recommended switch for H-Mode and switched mixer having a much unbalanced Ton/Toff 14/4nS, T-brake before make = 10nS and F(-3dB) 60 MHz; also a THD 0.02% in audio and isolation (100kHz) = -90dB.
Datasheet can be downloaded from: