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3261 2009-06-29 14:56:17 bkopski An Easy Magnet Wire Storage Method
Often I have short magnet wire lengths that otherwise would be discarded or if kept become a scrambled mess. One example that I always want to keep tidy is what's left over from a lengthy bifilar or trifilar twist. Be it single strands or twists, the method shown in the K3NHI folder in the PHOTO section has proven quite workable.

This simple spool begins with a discarded 35 MM film canister with the closed end cut off so as to form a tube. I then cut several small slits with a thin hobby saw around each end of the tube. I think an Xacto knife or even diagonal cutters will work as well. These cuts become "holder slots" for the wire ends.

As in the photo, just slip a wire end into a slit, wind it up, and tuck the final end into slit at the other end of the tube. The film tube is very flexible plastic and this tucking-in is easy to do and holds nicely. I've used this scheme for wire over a very wide range of gage sizes with good success. I think you'll find this approach a good hedge against today's copper prices!

Bob, K3NHI