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3176 2009-06-10 22:28:09 Markus Hansen RE the HP8640B
RE HP8640B.

I think most remembers of this post are aware that I maintain a HINTS &
KINKS page on my web site regarding keeping the HP8640B up and running at:


There 18 different Hints & Kinks mostly contributed by others who have had a
problem with their HP 8640 and found a solution. As an example, Hint No
18 is from Nevel, N2GX who kindly shared his solution to repairing his
HP8640 High Speed Divider Circuit that had failed. Most HP IC's are no
longer available and Nevel used a current SM IC to replace an HP IC and
described how he went about it.

Which brings up the subject, if any of the readers of this post have a
solution for a HP8640 problem and would like to share it, I would be glad to
include it on my site.

It is an amazing test instrument and hopefully we can keep them running for
a long time!

73 Markus VE7CA
Markus Hansen
VE7CA, North Vancouver, BC CANADA
Web site: http://www.shelbrook.com/~ve7ca/

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3187 2009-06-13 09:16:37 w4zcb77 Re: RE the HP8640B