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3112 2009-05-24 08:59:07 Dino Papas SolderSmoke Book Available with a Discount Today
Guys -- Bill Meara's N2CQR SolderSmoke book is for sale at Lulu.com
(http://www.lulu.com/) and there's a $5 discount available today and
tomorrow if you purchase more than $25....I'm getting Bill's book
along with Dick Sylvan's W9CBT Ham Radio Cartoons book....together
they put you over the $25 threshold and eligible for the discount
(use code "MEMORIAL09" when asked for a coupon). There's also a
really neat series of books that you oldtimers (me included) may like
that reprint the adventures of "Carl and Jerry" from Popular
Electronics all the way from 1954-1964...two young hams who have a
knack for electronics (and trouble!).

No relation to any author besides being a big admirer and SolderSmoke

73 and BTW thanks to all our veterans for their service on this
Memorial Day weekend.

Dino KL0S