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3034 2009-05-15 19:39:42 gt25psi2002 SWL - SSB of DSB
Dear Sirs,

During shortwave listening with my superhet receiver, I frequently have
to listen to just one sideband of DSB signals (some sort of SSB in AM
mode or ECSS) when the band condition or interference is very bad.

There is a high performance single-signal direct-conversion receiver
(R2Pro) that suppresses one sideband at baseband. This DC-rx is claimed
to have two-tone, third-order IMD dynamic range of more than 100dB.
[Someone says that "Experimental Methods in Radio Frequency Design" has
mentioned about the R2Pro. But I'm still have to wait for my copy for
another 6 weeks due to delivery].

At the same time, I've got high performance 9MHz IF strip of 2.5KHz
bandwidth (half project of CDG2000).

I want to hombrew a very high performance receiver. Is it advisable to
combine the two kits together by making the DC-rx as the second (last)
converter of 9MHz IF strip? Will it work for SWL to counter the bad band
conditions as mentioned above?

Best regards,