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3013 2009-05-11 14:01:26 Bill Kelsey - N8E... Kanga US Dayton Update
I have just done a final update to my web page before Dayton. Special
Dayton pricing is listed there for the new products being introduced - 2
and 6 meter CW sources and 2 and 6 meter Converters, along with a couple
of items that KK7B will be talking about in his talk at FDIM.

If you can't make Dayton and want to order at the Dayton Special Price,
send me an e-mail any time between now and when I get home Sunday after
the Hamvention, and I will honor those prices for you. Don't forget
shipping costs ($5)

Check it out at www.kangaus.com

hope to see a lot of you there!

73 - Bill - N8ET
Kanga US

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