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2981 2009-05-04 04:36:06 Stan Balanced Mixers advantages or disadvantages
Balanced Mixers (and Detectors) with balanced input and output stages to the mixers question.

Is there an advantage to using a I/O balanced circuit with a ring detector or balanced mixer? Does it affect the over all gain of the RF chain?

Can anyone point me to a technical reference that discusses the advantages or disadvantages?

Thanks, Stan ak0b
2982 2009-05-04 08:16:10 Kenneth Stringham Re: Balanced Mixers advantages or disadvantages

Mini-Circuits has a substantial document that covers
mixers, at least they did. I haven't been active in this area for some
time now.

Concerning balance, balanced mixers reduce even order
products and suppresses the RF and LO signals reducing the filtering
requirements. Care taken to signal levels will further improve

The disadvantages are the increase in complexity in the circuitry and the requirements for better shielding.

Ken - AE1X