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2807 2009-03-27 17:34:48 Steve, G4GXL OT - Dayton and 'Four Days In May'
Sorry for the bandwidth but there may be people here who are going to
Dayton but do not know about FDIM.

'Four Days In May (FDIM)' is an event organised by QRP ARCI.
It will appeal to all homebrewers and tinkerers, not just QRPers.
On Thursday 14 May we have a day of seminars.
In 2007 we had a great presentation from Wes W7ZOI.
This year Rick Campbell KK7B has a presentation called 'Sustainable
Low Power Radio,
G0BBL is talking about Softrocks and the lecture by NM0S on
Class E amplifiers should especially appeal to members of this group.

Our prizes are renowned - for the third year running we are giving
away an Elecraft K3. This year we also have a Flex Radio as a door
prize, and two Begali keys and . . . .

Details are at www.fdim.qrparci.org

If you are in Dayton please look us up and drop by - the evening
events are free of charge and open to all

Steve, G4GXL
QRP at Dayton - Four Days In May 2009 www.fdim.qrparci.org
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MyAPRS Map - www.g4gxl.com/aprs
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