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2738 2009-02-24 15:00:02 Wes Hayward Softward Bug
Hi All,

Well, it happened. I was using Ladbuild08 this morning and I
discovered a bug. The problem looked like a monster, but was fixed
with one short line of code. It's amazing what one can foul up with
software! Anyway, the fix is available on my web page at w7zoi.net
and has been blended into the new software that was posted the other
day. If you have already downloaded the software, all that is needed
is to download the bug fix.

One user commented that he had problems with the PDF manual not coming
up when he double clicked it. He changed the name to get rid of a
space and all was then working. In this direction, I changed the
name of the manual that is included in the ZIP to replace a space with
an underscore.

Sorry for the hiccups.

A reader ask for a list of the corrections made to the text that the
folks at the League had that expand upon the errata listings on my web
site. We don't have that list, so we can't do anything.

Many thanks for the feedback and kind words!

73, Wes