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2510 2008-12-18 08:51:42 patt896 Lodestone Former Group Purchase for CDG2000, Star or other BPF
We have sufficient interest to meet Lodestone's MOQ for another group
purchase. Lead time is one month delivery if order is placed by
Monday, December 22 due to Chinese New Year plant closing. Price is
still $2.25 USD each plus actual shipping. Payment is by PayPal.

If you are interested, send me an e-Mail at d.patten@att.net with
your requirements for each former no later than Sunday, December 21.

The following is the total number of Lodestone Pacific formers
required for CDG2000:

L45-2-PCT-B-4: 6
L45-6-PCT-B-4: 16
L45-10-PCT-B-4: 10

A kit of cores for the Lodestone front-end of Star comprises the

L45-2 Qty 6
L45-6 Qty 13
L45-10 Qty 10

Richard Patten
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL