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2368 2008-11-05 00:05:01 brainerd@wildblue... RLC_Meter
The RLC_Meter and the UHFSDR boards came in this afternoon. I assembled and tested a
Everything fits OK. There are no indications on the board for the polarity of the 10uF caps.
I will put that on an assembly details document.
I did discover after a couple of hours trying to get the program to work that the two channels
going to Line In are reversed on the board. Two ways to fix this. I made a crossover cable.
The other way is to cut the two traces(located on the botton of the board) and insert two
jumpers. This is quite easy as there is a feet through hole on each of the two traces. I will
modify a board and post a picture. One I got the 2 channels swapped, the software then
worked(at least with a couple of resisters and a capacitor).
I also just realized I didn't order any king of socket for the unit under test connections on the
board. I will do that before going to bed. I should have them Friday or Saturday.
The only other error on the board is my call is mirrored!
Such is the nature of protype boards. They will work with the one simple mod. With the
delay due to not ordering the test socket, it will be next Monday before I can send out the
orders I have.

Dave - WB6DHW
2370 2008-11-05 19:55:34 brainerd@wildblue... RLC_Meter
I have added a link to views of the top and bottom of an assembled board. The bottom view
shows the modificaton to swap the 2 output channels. It is on the RLC_Meter page at

Dave - WB6DHW