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2362 2008-11-04 02:30:36 brainerd@wildblue... KW Diplexer and QSE boards
The prototype KWdiplexer and QSE boards arrived this afternoon. I was able to assemble
an 80 meter diplexer filter with no problems. I will connect it to my N2PK VNA tomorrow.
I will also start checking out the QSE board tomorrow.
The RLC_Meter and the UHFSDR boards are due in tomorrow.
The diplexer is definitely way overkill for QRP or medium power with the 4 T184-17 coils in
the LPF section and 3 T94-6 coils in the HPF section! The LPF coils are wound with 2
strands of 16 guage wire each. The PCB is 8.1 by 2 inches and is .126" FR4 with 2 oz
copper(1 oz is the normal standard).

Dave - WB6DHW