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1993 2008-08-29 08:56:17 jmlcs2000 Sources of wire for coils
In a pinch, I needed some #18 enameled wire for an up coming project
and didn't want to pay the high cost of shipping (Radio Shack doesn't
carry this size enameled wire)...having had my swimming pool pump
repaired reminded me of the Electric Motor-Repairing caption in the
yellow pages....the first motor repair company I called was happy to
help me with about 15' of wire at no charge. They generally have other
sizes on hand also.

In addition, our electric pencil sharpener died several months ago. In
looking inside the transformer was wound with #26 wire....also I've
retrieved #26 wire from dead oscillating fan transformers. In both
cases, once the transformer was retreved, all I had to do is simply
unwind the wire, when needed, from the transformer. My wife knows if
it's electrical and dead, it will be taken apart before thrown
away...you never know what's inside for a future project.

John K5IRK
1994 2008-08-29 09:09:17 Graham Re: Sources of wire for coils

Just make sure that the enameled wire you are planning to use
is strippable.

Some modern wires use polyamide insulation, and it won't come
off easily, and is not thermally or chemically strippable.

The more easily thermally strippable enameled wire can be stripped
by setting your soldering iron up to 825 degrees F. or hotter.
You can strip off the insulation and tin the wire in a single operation.

Fry's sells various thermally strippable enameled wire sizes
on 1/4 lb. roll sizes that I have found very convenient for winding

1995 2008-08-29 14:11:51 jmlcs2000 Re: Sources of wire for coils
Graham, thank you for your in post...your point is well taken as
well as your purchasing supply source and your stripping
information. My purpose in posting this was to simply say there are
alternatives when your in a pinch for some wire and don't want to
have to pay out the nose to get some...The wire I received was easly
stripped with some very fine sandpaper for soldering. I have also
tried and been very successful with wire sizes stripped up to and
including #26 with the fine sandpaper. Possibly it's an oversight on
my part for not including that in my orginal post. In addition, I
have some computer power supplies that went in the junk box...the
Toroid Core mounted on the PC board is also wrapped with wire that's
usable for future projects. Another source for wire...Hopefully
others will post some ideas
1996 2008-08-30 17:31:47 Dan Reynolds Sources of wire for coils
I've done that too. There's all kinds of sources for enameled wire.

But the best part is the price and the little bit of pride that we're
re-using and recycling some of this stuff.

I guess you could say that this is 'green' wire! Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Dan - KB9JLO


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