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1851 2008-07-30 23:31:13 chuck adams Digital Storage Oscilloscopes
I am working on a project and it is going to take some

The subject of a DSO was brought up on qrp-tech group.
I followed up with a google search for DSOs. Unfortunately
my first purchase of $360+ was a bad decision on my part.

My hope is to keep someone else from doing the same thing.
I've spent close to $800 US and will probably spend more
as sources of DSOs become more abundant.

For about $170 you can get a 150MS/s (MegaSample/second)
USB device and wind up with a scope and a spectrum
analyzer all in one place. You just need a computer to go
with it that can do the FFTs rapidly or you are up a creek.

I have take a bunch of photos and captured screen images
from the systems for your consideration. It is a large amount
and I have to get some text written up ASAP to go along with
the work. I was working on getting some more complex
waveforms to look at and the 'canned' xtal oscillators work
nicely and they are available for high frequencies cheaply.

It is not a $15K Agilent or HP or .... But for a limited budget
it is a start and IMHO worth the effort to get a DSO to experiment
with. I'm learning myself.



I sold my Tek 475 several weeks ago due to lack of use
on my part. And I found it difficult for me to get a digital
photo suitable for passing on to others. With DSOs it is
a different story. Hope this helps.


chuck adams, k7qo