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1816 2008-07-14 21:42:55 chuck adams Free Handbook
There were several discussions/topics on this group
that had solutions or additional data available from
a free source.


Look for their free information/brochures/books.
There is a book titled "Low Level Measurements".
I see that it is now at the sixth edition and I ordered
a copy (since it is free).

I have the fourth edition.

On insulators typically used for caps.
In order starting at the best:
Sapphire, Teflon PTFE, Polyethylene, Polystyrene, ....
In chapter 3 table on resistivity.

In 'Electrodynamics' by Kraus
fused Quartz, ceresin wax, polystyrene, sulfer, mica, ....

So quartz makes a good dielectric and that is why you
can measure the capacitance of the plating using a
low frequency L/C meter such as the AADE L/C meter.
Away from the resonant frequencies of the crystal(s).

Some one brought up noise. There is an excellent section
in the Keithley manual on thermal noise and its sources.
Excellent charts on noise voltage and current vs.
bandwidth at various source resistances. Detailed
discussion and formulae on Johnson or thermal noise.

Now let me warn you that their pamphlet is aimed at
levels measured in terms like femto, pico, nano and
micro levels, but interesting just the same. Keithley
is noted for their high dollar instrumentation for
looking for noise in real quite places in the universe.


chuck adams, k7qo