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1622 2008-04-28 13:17:09 Ed Culbertson Newbie
Hi, even tho I am 'just a tech' I enjoy soldering at times. Bad eyes
make it 'more fun'!! I am working on getting a goal or whatever before
I do an upgrade. Former Honeywell compuker test tech here in Phx az area.

Not an engineer, so basically a 'schematic thief' type of 'homebrewer'
or kits. I have 'designed?' a couple non rf things from an idea, again
mostly thievery involved from data books etc.

Right now, spending whatever 'extra' (didn't know I had it) money on
co-pays for an glaucoma specialist.. 4/30 will be $150 so far at
$30/visit and I think a couple or so more visits next month if
everything goes smoothly.

Interested in cw only, have a phone line for chatting!! Bad ears,
still fighting them to learn cw tho.

1628 2008-05-03 00:54:55 kerrypwr Re: Newbie
Welcome, Ed.

What you do & how you do it is just part of the game; we are all at
different levels.

I've had to go to one of these in recent years;


Hope the glaucoma treatment works-out OK.
1629 2008-05-03 07:01:36 john lawson Re: Newbie
Ed, Also check Harbor Freight.


Wes put me on to to them and they were cheap at, $5.99
each. I ended up buying two and use them all the time.
Best of luck, John

1633 2008-05-03 11:15:40 jr_dakota Re: Newbie