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1613 2008-04-28 06:32:24 Giancarlo Interesting articles in Microwave & RF April 2008 issue
Hi all,

In the Microwave & RF April 2008 issue there are two interesting

Large-Signal Approach Yields Low-Noise VHF/UHF Oscillators
In contrast to traditional small-signal approaches, the use of large-
signal, time-domain design techniques helps deliver low-noise
grounded-base oscillators for VHF/UHF applications.

Ajay Kumar Poddar, Ulrich L. Rohde

Although a lot of mathematics involved there is an interesting
circuit diagram for an oscillator running at 144MHz that should help
to understand the design. 144Mhz use is certainly a selection due to
our friend N1UL. Congratulations Ulrich. You may read the article at:


Cut Loss In Low-Voltage, Wideband PIN Attenuators
Variable attenuators based on the pi (p) configuration can be
designed with frequency coverage spanning multiple octaves, from the
high-frequency (HF) range to the lower microwave region. As a result,
they are suitable for numerous wideband applications, such as in
satellite television and cable-television (CATV) systems. The use of
PIN diodes in these attenuators enables them to be realized as low-
cost components and compact alternatives to ... — Chin-Leong Lim

This is a quite clear reading and also good learning about a solution
on how to improve PIN attenuators with low voltage control. See…


Best 73