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15525 2019-10-15 23:01:27 ka7exm Transitioning...


OK, got it, yahoo! is shutting down on us.  Got it.

I'm exploring our options.

At this rate we might all be back to having to communicate on 40CW again!

73 for now,

  Roger KA7EXM

15528 2019-10-16 22:45:25 ka7exm Re: Transitioning...

Here is an update on the situation.

DIT DAH DIT, I am aware that Yahoo! is for all practical purposes, shutting down groups.

I have downloaded the email distribution list, and document content, and am investigating options to either migrate to another site, or synthesize an archive to be posted on our own domain.  If nothing else, I'll find a place to post the 200MB+ of uploaded content.

Postings to the group are moderated to minimize un-necessary chatter.

Thank you for your various opinions over the past 48 hours.

  Roger KA7EXM